Monday, July 04, 2005

DMB Show at SPAC after Live 8

The Dave Matthews Band played two nights at SPAC(Saratoga Performing Arts Center) on July 1 and 2. After his show on Friday the band headed down to Phili to play in Live 8. The band played until about 3:30 at Live 8 then had to hall ass back up to Saratoga to play their second night at SPAC. They made it back in time and here is an audience recording of the show by Chris Drews

The link below will launch Peer Impact and download the show using the PI network.

click here to download the show

Please visit our forums located inside the application to discuss this show and the Dave Matthews Band.

The easiest way to distribute the show was to zip it up. The zip file contains the show in FLAC format. These files can be played through PI, but not by default. I can list the steps in order to play FLAC files if anyone is interested.

A couple people were interested in using FLAC files within PI so here is how you do it.

1. Create a directory in your PI install directory called "plugins". Ex. C:\Program Files\Peer Impact\plugins
2. Download the FLAC tools from here.
3. Extract the contents of the zip file to the plugins directory. Make sure that flac.exe and metaflac.exe are in the root level of the plugins directory and not the bin directory that the zip file extracts those files to.

Above will allow you to import FLAC files in your PI library and burn CDs using FLAC files. So now you can burn a CD from protected WMAs, unprotected WMAs, MP3s, WAVs, and FLAC tracks. You might even be able to transfer them to your portable device if it supports FLAC.

If you want to listen to your FLAC files using PI you will need to download a plugin for WMP. There are two plugins available.


You must restart PI for these changes to take effect.


Blogger Matt said...

So now PI unofficialy supports FLAC cool

Will this ever be intergrated into the mainline client ?

Once PI has unencumbered MP3s and possibly FLAC files for sale Im sure PI will suddenly take off.

Putting unencumbered content up against protected content for sale is a bold move .

Would it be the first time both have been sold on the same service ?

5:35 AM  

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