Monday, November 21, 2005

NBC Universal Deal

Last week we announced a deal with NBC Universal that allows us to sell their movies and TV events on our network. This press release got a lot of attention as you can see if you do a Google news search on “Peer Impact” News search

This deal is a big step for a major movie studio because it shows they are willing to offer their content on a peer-2-peer network. NBC Universal movies are currently available for download at Movielink and CinemaNow, but are not available on any peer-2-peer network until our announcement last week. Peer Impact will allow users to download movies and TV events for a 24 hour viewing period with up to 30 days to start the viewing. The 24 hour viewing period is the standard On-Demand deal that cable and satellite TV operators are providing to their users as well.

Downloading movies and TV events are extremely popular with users of other peer-2-peer networks like BitTorrent and I think the movies studios are taking notice. This deal is just the start and in the near future I think users will get more flexibility with this content. I can see the studios allowing users to purchase a movie and burn it to a DVD, and extend the view periods when renting, but just like anything else you have to start somewhere.

Peer Impact was built by the community and will continue to be built by the community so I would like people’s feedback on this deal. I would love to hear what you would expect from our service when we release movies and TV events and what you would expect in the future. Also, if people have questions about this deal I can try to answer them. Let the discussion begin!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I still belive the "Netfilx" model of subcription rentals is the best way to go .

Peer Impact could allow so many downloads per month/week depending on what rental tier you pay for and a new replaces old model so you could transfer DVDs to your DivX enabled player or media center .D

DivX has account based DRM to keep the content owners happy .The MPAA helped develop DivX DRM .

This would keep consumers happy because of the minimal usage rules and the content owners would recive a evergreen income stream as long a people keep subscribing to the service .

8:58 AM  
Anonymous Mark Cuban said...

Re your post on my blog

You put in 1 big IF..

If you could get 5 mins of your road runner at 5mbs bandwidth.

you cant. Which defines the problem for doing large multi gigabyte files.

Im an investor in We do industrial strength versions of what you guys are doing.

We understand the value of what you are doing and have done quite a few tests with High Def content.

No many how well seeded, its a long, slow process. And will stay that way.

7:37 AM  
Blogger Chris Bick said...

Mark, we get about 5mbs downstream with road runner in upstate New York. We only get about 360kbs for upstream.

What do you mean by "industrial strength version of what you do"

I started developing our content distribution technology about 4 years ago and came across redswoosh. You guys have a very similar technology as us and I think the time is now for our types of technology to replace traditional distribution means over the Internet.

You can find more about or technology at

If you have any other questions or interests in our technology feel free to email me directly.

4:34 PM  

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